Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Catch-up

:: Happy Spring! I don't know about you, but I'm glad to finally be able to slam the door shut on this past winter. The snow was beautiful, but enough was enough. It got to the point that I was actually sick of wearing all my handknits. A sacrilege, I know, but true.

:: These are some of the few survivors from my fall bulb planting several years ago. I'm not sure how the squirrels missed these on their previous rampages, but I'm sure that they'll find them before next spring. I think my next attempt to foil them will be to plant snowdrop bulbs directly into the lawn. There's so much moss mixed in with the grass I'm hoping it will disguise the presence of the bulbs.  

:: I finished Sylvia Olsen's Skirt in the Round just as the last of the snow melted. This is so comfortable, but also so very, very warm. I don't think it will be seeing any action until next winter.

:: I've also finished the vest from the knitting retreat put on by Diane Morriss from Saltbox Yarn Studio and knitwear designer Sylvia Olsen.

:: The timing is much better with the vest than the skirt. It's meant to be worn as a jacket, so I will be wearing it often this spring. I have wanted a Coast Salish/Cowichan style garment for ages. After looking in vain for several years in thrift stores hoping to find one, I finally decided the only way I was ever going to own one was if I knit it myself. I have to say I'm quite chuffed with the result!

:: In what was a culinary first for me, here I am basting a cake with a single malt Scotch whisky. And there was more whisky added later to the icing. Oh, and then there was the Guinness that went into the cake itself. Click on the link at your own risk.

:: Last month I had a big birthday. One with a zero on the end. And proceeded by a numeral that I'm sure can't be correct. When Lucy asked me how old I was I told her I was twenty times as old as she is. It made me feel almost prehistoric. In spite of the denial over turning 60, I did have a wonderful time celebrating with family. First was a quiet day here at the cottage, with several yarn gifts from the animals and Jay (they might have had a bit of help with the ordering), and a raspberry huckleberry pie. A few weeks later I was in Victoria celebrating with Lucy and Oliver, and then last weekend I was in Vancouver with Ella. Alexandra had also driven down from Kamloops for the weekend, which was a treat.

:: This is my definition of bliss. A good book, a fun sock pattern, and a new Emma Bridgewater sheep mug filled with Yorkshire Gold tea.

:: The biggest challenge for me this winter was not being able to hike up Teapot Hill. Now that the snow has melted I have been making up for lost time. I enjoy the challenge of the hike, as there is quite a bit of elevation gain. I also enjoy being in the mossy green forest, and the fun of spotting teapots as I'm walking along the trail. It's a joy to be back.

:: Sunshine has been a rare commodity over the past several months. Which makes me appreciate it all the more when it finally does make an appearance. I loved the way sunlight was streaming in on my quilt (made by a dear friend, not me!), almost like it was purposely highlighting some of the quilt blocks. Of course, there's a downside to these rare glimpses of the sun. They also highlight a winter's worth of dust.

:: I hope this new season is treating you well. I'll be back in a week or so with another finished handknit to share with you.