Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Two Shawls and Two Questions

:: If it's true that April showers bring May flowers, we will be inundated with blooms next month. We have managed to squeeze in a day or two with some blue sky this month though, and I've taken full advantage of them. It's a treat to not have to wear rain gear.

:: I love it when the skunk cabbage comes out. It's the first thing we see bloom in the spring, so it's a very welcome sight. In order to get this picture I had to walk through someone's yard. I had asked the man out working in his front yard for permission, but when I turned back around after taking the picture and saw his wife staring daggers at me out of their window I realized she had no way of knowing I had asked to be on their property. Oops.

:: The second thing we see bloom in the spring is the trillium. Teapot Hill has lots of them coming out, especially at the top of the hill where the forest opens up and there is more light. You can see from the picture on the right we had a day that was absolutely gorgeous this week. One brilliant day with sunshine and blue sky, sandwiched in between rain events. The teapot on the left was set up like this when I came across it.

:: This is my shawl from the Curious Handmade Snowmelt Mystery Knitalong. I even finished it within a week or two of the final clue being released. And I used yarn from my stash, which makes this a winner all the way around.

:: I think I'm going through a shawl phase. After I finished the Snowmelt Shawl I immediately cast on for another Curious Handmade pattern, this time the Spindrift. This was a really fun shawl to knit, and I love that it only takes one skein of fingering weight yarn. This could easily become my "go to" shawl pattern!

:: Which brings me to my first question. I wear shawls around the house when it's a bit cool. They seem the perfect answer for how to stay warm in the early morning, as it takes our cottage quite awhile to warm up. I also wear them in the evening (I'm thrifty, and turn our inefficient baseboard heaters off around 5:00 to save on the electric bill). But I never wear them outside the house. I think part of the reason is I'm not quite sure how to wear them so they look like a fashion piece rather than something practical. Do you wear shawls when you go out? And if so, how do you usually wear them - draped over your shoulders, wrapped around, or some other way that I haven't thought of?

:: My second question is for all you Mary Berry fans. If I was going to purchase just one of her cookbooks, which one would you recommend? She has quite a few, and they are a bit pricey, so I want to make sure I make the best choice.

:: I was pleased to be featured on the How to Hygge the British Way blog this past weekend. Here is the link in case you would like to pop over and read the interview.

:: I'm off to my mom's for the Easter weekend. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!